Stylish Disco Turkeys uniforms receive national spotlight

The Carolina Disco Turkeys unveiled home and away game uniforms last Friday, a day before their first road game. And that announcement led to considerable national attention in sports design circles.

The new Winston-Salem baseball team, which plays its home games at Truist Stadium on dates the Winston-Salem Dash are playing road games, was the subject of stories from both Uniwatch and, the country’s two leading websites on sports logos and branding. Both websites boast massive online followings and often pull no punches in their critiques.

“Personally, I love these, and it’s great to see (Disco Turkeys) designer Brittain Peck showcase his work! Congrats,” wrote Phil Hecken at the end of a longform blog published by Uniwatch on Saturday about the Disco Turkeys’ look. Hecken’s blog covered the Disco Turkeys, along with design commentary on the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox.

Writing for, also on Saturday, writer Paul Caputo of said the Disco Turkeys’ look “is best described as funky” and went on to describe the team’s style choices in detail.

The uniform, designed by Durham, NC-based illustrator and designer Peck, feature a white home jersey and retro powder blue away jersey with contrasting looks, white knicker pants with coral and navy stripes, socks with horizontal coral and powder blue stripes, and a navy hat with a coral bill and the team's popular disco turkey-head-and-shirt-collar logo outlined in powder blue thread. The jerseys, produced locally, represent a tribute to the aesthetics and spirit of uniforms from the 1970s and a bit from the 1980s.