Fans, please meet Boogie

The winner of the Disco Turkeys' live mascot naming contest today was...Boogie!

"Boogie" received roughly 50 percent of 578 responses in the rapid-turnaround poll that ended today at 10 am.

The day before, fans from around the world submitted hundreds of names to choose from. The Disco Turkeys and Tiger World, the non-profit animal sanctuary where the live mascot disco turkey makes its home, worked to narrow the full list down to five choices for the online poll. Some people also refer to disco turkeys as peacocks.

The name Babe Roost finished second in the poll result, followed by King Strut in third.

"There were a lot of great name ideas through the contest, but we're thrilled with Boogie as our winner," Disco Turkeys co-owner and team president Greg Sullivan said. "The name really seems to suit this bird, in particular, and our baseball team." 

The name was suggested by multiple fans, but it first came in from Chris Keroack from Bothell, Washington within minutes of the contest starting. Keroack has family in the Winston-Salem area who he said he will supply with his free tickets. The Disco Turkeys will also mail Keroack some gear, so he's not left out. His family will also have the option of throwing out a first pitch and will receive a free family pass to visit Tiger World.