DTs to promote recycling with 'Non-Disco' Demolition game

Do you hate the music of Machine Gun Kelly? What about Nickelback or Creed? 

Now you have a chance to help us tell the world. 

The Carolina Disco Turkeys, an independent baseball team based in Winston-Salem, NC, are officially seeking input from the public on which band or artist’s music they’d most love to see “demolished” at the team’s home opener this season at Truist Stadium.

The Friday, May 27 game, which starts at 6:30 p.m., will be billed as a "non-disco" demolition and will raise public awareness around the importance of recycling. The team plans to dispose of music in the most humorous and entertaining way possible at the game but there will be no actual destruction of physical music at the ballpark. 

Fans are asked to submit their choice on the team’s website by May 17 at 3 p.m. of what music they’d love Winston-Salem rid of and they will also have the option to submit rationale for why their submission was chosen out of all the world’s music. The only rule is the music can't be disco, which will have the last laugh on the night. Those who submit the eventual “winning” entry will be eligible to be chosen to win free tickets and a chance to throw out a first pitch at a Disco Turkeys home game.

"The game and event itself will be a family friendly event like any Disco Turkeys game, but we’re also going to make it a lot of fun and some of the fun will be at a bad musician’s or bad band’s expense. We'll drag them over the PA and raise some awareness about recycling,” said Disco Turkeys co-owner and team president Greg Sullivan.

“On game night, fans will be encouraged to bring a one or two bad music albums or compact discs for the game but are asked not to go out and purchase new bad music since this is about recycling. We think it’s time to talk about bad music to point out how most of it is not disco or even any whole genre,” Sullivan added.

The team will announce finalists next week and put them to an online fan vote.

The team also will refrain from playing bad music at the game itself. The Disco Turkeys will announce their full promotions schedule later this month.

The Disco Turkeys are a summer collegiate team with players from top colleges and many with North Carolina ties. Single-game tickets for the home opener are $8 in advance or $9 at the gate and are on sale now at discoturkeys.com/tickets.