Disco Turkeys win opener at Hi-Toms

THOMASVILLE, NC -- The Disco Turkeys, America's most-fashionable team, took some good-looking swings in the first inning to build a 3-0 lead and went on to beat the High Point-Thomasville Hi-Toms 6-4 on Saturday night at Finch Field.

This was the first game in the Disco Turkeys franchise history and the outcome proved the team is much more than a show.

Hayden Setzer hit a towering 3-run home run to centerfield to account for the Disco Turkeys' three first-inning runs. It was the first homer in team history.

"With runners on base, I was looking for a fastball there and luckily enough he put one over the plate where I could do something with it," said Setzer, a tall pitcher-first baseman from Caldwell Community College in Hudson, North Carolina. "It's a good start to a good season. 

"We're trying to live up to the reputation we're getting," Setzer continued. "There are a lot of eyes on us and we're doing what we can."

Setzer's blast followed a double earlier in the inning by Wake Forest's Dane Stewart. That drive, which was the first base hit in team history, sent a Hi-Toms outfielder up Finch Field's outfield hill, making for a tough defensive play.

Chase Jessee (1-0) picked up the win, providing a solid outing for the Disco Turkeys (1-0), allowing one run and one hit over three innings to beat the Hi-Toms. He was followed up by a strong three-inning relief outing by Ben Taneman. The Hi-Toms started at first to battle back on reliever Scout Nichols, but the sidearmer settled in the end and provided some gutsy pitching late to finish out the victory over a stout Hi-Toms lineup.

"Our guys came out with some fire," said Disco Turkeys Coach Kirk Cabana, who was an assistant coach with the Hi-Toms last season. "The Hi-Toms did just what the Hi-Toms were supposed to do and battled back against a team that they probably thought they would beat. But, you know what, today was a Disco Turkey day. What else can you ask for? It was a great coming-together moment for these guys, and I'm ready for the rest of the summer."

The Disco Turkeys tallied 11 hits in total in the game.  Deion Tubbs, Christian Ezzell, and Dino Tharp collected two hits apiece for a lineup that showed a lot of promise to start the season. The Disco Turkeys face another stiff road test against the Martinsville Mustangs on Memorial Day at 7 p.m. but will now go into that game riding momentum. The team's first home game is Friday, June 4 at Winston-Salem's Truist Stadium.