Disco Turkeys unveil stylish uniforms just ahead of inaugural season

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (5/28/21) -- The Carolina Disco Turkeys are excited to unveil home and away game uniforms before their inaugural season, which begins this weekend on the road. The team hosts its first home stand from Friday, June 4 through Sunday, June 6 at Winston-Salem’s Truist Stadium.

The uniform, designed by Durham, NC-based illustrator and designer Brittain Peck, features a white home jersey and retro powder blue away jersey with contrasting looks, white knicker pants with coral and navy stripes, socks with horizontal coral and powder blue stripes, and a navy hat with a coral bill and the team’s popular disco turkey-head-and-shirt-collar logo outlined in powder blue thread.

“Our jerseys in particular are some of the best-looking jerseys anywhere in baseball,” said Disco Turkeys co-owner and team president Greg Sullivan. “We want to especially thank Brittain Peck for adding another great dimension to our branding and adding to what our Winston-Salem fans will get to see on Opening Day. Our players saw them for the first time at our second practice and were blown away.”

The jerseys represent a tribute to the aesthetics and spirit of uniforms from the 1970s and a bit from the 1980s. From there, Peck and the Disco Turkeys looked at a few of their favorite style approaches from a handful of disco-era uniforms to make something uniquely theirs.

“The home jersey is heavily inspired by the iconic 1974 Braves' home uniforms worn by the home run king Hank Aaron,” Peck said. “Wanting to make the feather on the sleeve our own, we referenced the recognizable ‘eye’ of a peacock's feather and bands of colors.”

For the chest lettering, Peck said he looked at two examples of non-script lettering: the 1976 Cleveland Indians and the 1982 Astros. “From the Cleveland jersey, we loved that this lettering wasn't afraid to be big and take up space, stretching nearly from armpit to armpit. From the Houston jersey, we loved the bold, geometric simplicity that feels like it could be read at the plate from the outfield. With these two inspirations, we added the disco sparkles and felt like it was our own.”

For the away jerseys, the team wanted to go with something completely different but still befitting the era. “We loved the numerous examples of powder blue jerseys worn through the 70's and 80's, but especially the Cardinals, Phillies and Twins. We chose to go with script, and were especially influenced by the 1987 Mets' away uniform,” Peck said. “We love the script, and especially love the novelty of it being one of the only years that the Mets wore script lettering on their away jerseys.”

The team went heavily with local and regional companies to produce the uniform, including North Carolina-based HT Authentic Sportswear to make jerseys that are comfortable for players playing in summer weather in the South.

Advance single-game tickets for the Disco Turkeys’ summer home games, all at Truist Stadium on dates the Winston-Salem Dash are playing out of town, are available for $7. These tickets get fans up close to the action in lower bowl seats behind home plate, down the baselines or in any of the stadium’s general admission areas.