Disco Turkeys are seeking host families for next summer

The Carolina Disco Turkeys are excited to put out their first-ever call for host families this week in preparation for next summer.

Host families provide a “home away from home” experience for summer ballplayers and in return receive up to four free season tickets per household from the Disco Turkeys and gain an inside look at a high-quality summer wood bat baseball team. Host family kids will also be able to participate for free in youth camps and clinics put on by the team next summer.

“The idea of host families has a long tradition in summer collegiate baseball and is also common in minor league baseball, especially in independent baseball and the low minors,” said Greg Sullivan, team president and co-owner of the Disco Turkeys. “We’re interested in speaking with interested families in the Winston-Salem and Triad area who seem like they’d be a good fit and wish to learn more.

“This can be a great opportunity especially for parents of youth baseball or softball players. Hosting players is also a great way to feel more connected to the area and to get involved with local sports.”

Host families for the Disco Turkeys are only responsible for providing a guest room. Access to refrigerator space and access to a washer and dryer are also very important in ensuring a good match for players. Players are responsible for their own transportation, laundry, and dining. All players staying with host families next summer will be able to provide proof of coronavirus vaccination, the team said.

Most Disco Turkeys games start at 6 or 6:30 p.m. and most of their away games are within an hour and a half from Winston-Salem. “While we don’t have too many late nights, host families should be comfortable with players coming home around 10 pm or a little later on game nights,” Sullivan said.

Out-of-town players report to the area in mid-to-late May and will usually be in town until early August. 

For more information on becoming a host family, please contact Greg Sullivan at greg@discoturkeys.com.