Disco Turkeys announce ambitious home schedule

Season tickets are on sale now at discoturkeys.com

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (May 3, 2023) – The Carolina Disco Turkeys are excited to announce their unique home schedule for this summer that celebrates sports in their home city of Winston-Salem, featuring dates at Truist Stadium, Wake Forest University’s David F. Couch Ballpark and a special series at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Notably, the team will play most frequently at David F. Couch Ballpark this season with six dates in all at the home of the Demon Deacons baseball team. The three dates at Bowman Gray Stadium are a three-game exhibition series to be held over Fourth of July Weekend when the team will use a Los Angeles Coliseum-inspired layout. The team opens on May 27 with a Saturday night home game at Truist Stadium. The popular collegiate wood-bat team will play 44 games total through late July against top regional opponents. Season tickets are available now at discoturkeys.com.

“We’re excited to add dates this season at David F. Couch Ballpark for our fans and players,” said Greg Sullivan, president and co-owner of the Disco Turkeys. “Local baseball fans have gotten into a rhythm already of attending games there thanks to Wake Forest baseball’s success this spring.”

The games at Bowman Gray Stadium, a longtime and storied home for NASCAR, racing and college football, will be something different and groundbreaking for fans but not totally without some MLB precedent. The Dodgers played at the Los Angeles Coliseum from 1958 to 1961 while Dodger Stadium was being built following their move from Brooklyn. The Dodgers played an exhibition game in 2008 when they set the baseball world attendance record at the LA Coliseum – a venue that hosts football and auto racing.

“We had the idea from knowing the Dodgers had done it before,” Sullivan said. “We’re going to make it a fun, safe and baseball-credible experience. For example, the turf game pitchers mound we’ll use will be 10 inches off the ground like a collegiate or pro game mound. We’re bringing in a backstop and are making it safe and visibly engaging for fans. There will probably be a lot of home runs hit to right field with the very short porch. We’re hoping to bring out new fans who are also fans of the race track and Winston-Salem State football. These will be highly competitive baseball games with a minor league or college baseball type atmosphere but in a unique setting.

“We’re very excited with where we’ve ended up and for what’s ahead this season for our fans, players and partners,” Sullivan said. “We want fans to plan to come out and see a game at all three home stadiums.”

Carolina Disco Turkeys' Winston-Salem home games

Sat 5/27 6:30 pm vs. Uwharrie Wampus Cats - Truist Stadium

Fri 6/9 6:30 pm vs. Wake Forest Fungo - Truist Stadium

Sat 6/10 6:30 pm vs. Uwharrie Wampus Cats - Truist Stadium

Fri 6/23 6:30 pm vs. The Kingsmen - David Couch Ballpark (WFU)

Sat 6/24 6:30 pm vs. Tarboro River Bandits - David Couch Ballpark (WFU)

Sun 7/2 4 pm vs. Uwharrie Wampus Cats - Bowman Gray Stadium

Mon 7/3 6:30 pm vs. Uwharrie Wampus Cats - Bowman Gray Stadium

Tue 7/4 4 pm vs. Winston-Salem Moravians - Bowman Gray Stadium

Thu 7/13 6:30 pm vs. Queen City Corndogs - David Couch Ballpark (WFU)

Fri 7/14 6:30 pm vs. Greensboro Yard Goats - David Couch Ballpark (WFU)

Fri 7/28 6:30 pm vs. Wake Forest Fungo - David Couch Ballpark (WFU)

Sat 7/29 6:30 pm vs. Uwharrie Wampus Cats - David Couch Ballpark (WFU)

Additional opponents this season include the Wilmington Sharks, Asheboro Zookeepers, Martinsville Mustangs, High Point-Thomasville Hi-Toms, Boone Bigfoots, Catawba Valley Stars, Edenton Steamers, Mooresville Spinners and others. In addition to road match-ups, the team will play additional barnstorming home dates in the region.