COLUMN: The Disco Turkeys have taken flight

By Ben Remis

After months of preparation, the inaugural season of the newest member of the Piedmont Triad baseball scene has started off with a bang. Boasting beautiful new jerseys, a team full of talented college ballplayers, alongside an ever-growing #ostentationnation flock of fans, there’s never been a better time to enjoy summer baseball in the area.

We’ve seen the eye-catching peacock logo, met Boogie the mascot, and wished we could wear those brand-new powder blue uniforms, but it’s time to get to know the Disco Turkeys team. With college postseason play in its final stages, almost every member of the Disco Turkeys roster is now set to take the field. Led by coach Kirk Cabana, you’ll see this summer that these guys can really play ball.

Team president and co-owner Greg Sullivan explains the focus the Disco Turkeys had in recruiting players: “I think the goal was to get North Carolina players as much as we could, because you’re not sacrificing any talent– this is a talent hotbed.”

The roster shows that the recruitment process went according to plan. Six members of the team play at Division I universities, including Wake Forest, UNC-Greensboro, Davidson, No. 11 Eastern Carolina, Utah Valley, and Rice University. In addition to that high-end talent, the Disco Turkey roster followed through on the goal to represent the Triad region. Carolina University, Caldwell Community College and Brevard College are more North Carolina schools with players on the team. That doesn't include the players who are staying with family members around town this summer or who are returning to their hometowns in the area. With much of the team boasting ties to the region, it appears these peacocks will be quite comfortable roosting at Truist Stadium.

With 16 home games this summer, there are plenty of opportunities to see the Disco Turkeys in action. Among the Disco Turkey opponents this summer are the Owls, the Monarchs, and the Bigfoots. An exciting cast of characters are coming to town, and they’re bringing some top-level baseball with them!

“I think the most exciting part is seeing the excitement in the players,” said Sullivan. “When they get their jerseys and uniforms, or react to the things the team is working on– it’s really cool. The experiences for players in summer ball can vary a lot, but we wanted to make sure our players had a really good-quality experience. High quality fields for safety, uniforms they are proud of, and just create an atmosphere that’s competitive.”

The season is officially underway and so far the Disco Turkeys are off to a good start. They enter the weekend after four competitive games, notably winning their opener against a stout High Point-Thomasville Hi-Toms squad, but ask anyone around the team and you know that they are really gearing up for the first homestand. This Friday night at 8 PM, the Disco Turkeys take on the Martinsville Ponies for their first ever game at the beautiful Truist Stadium. Saturday night the Ponies are back for another game at 8 PM, before the Statesville Owls come to town for a Sunday afternoon game at 3 PM.

Excitement has been building around this Disco Turkey team for quite some time. We’ve had to wait quite  a while, but baseball is back and the Disco Turkeys are ready for action. This roster is stacked with talent, the fans are ready to fill the ballpark, and the music is ready to play. All the perfect ingredients for an electrifying summer of baseball!